Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Monday!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Endless Cliffhanger. We've got a real wild story going. You can still add to the story and participate as many times as you like because like it says, it's endless!! I have another one in the works for the end of this week. :)
Why is it a Happy Monday? Because I totally blew my diet this weekend and didn't gain a pound. I sort of slacked off on the exercise over the weekend as well. But hey, the scale doesn't lie. :)

We had a great weekend! We went on a family outing with 2 other families to La Jolla Cove. Our goal was to check out the tide pools. Little did we know that it was high tide. But that didn't ruin our trip. The kids had a grand old time. Here are a few pictures

My youngest daughter flying her kite. There was a perfect breeze for kite flying.

My Little Man playing in the cold water.

Writing in the sand

La Jolla's California Coastline

My four kids looking out into the big blue yonder
How was your weekend???

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