Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Can I Just Stay Home Today?!!?

Yes, it's raining here in San Diego. And the word is out that it'll be like this all week. As much as I don't like rainy days, I know that it is needed here. Its just that the roads and freeways get pretty scary, at least for me. I hate driving in the rain!! People drive faster than they should be driving....it seems like everyone is in a rush. For crying out loud, I'd rather be late than cause an accident.
I just got home from taking the kids to school and it was a madhouse at all 3 schools that I had to drop my kids off at. UGH!! I just want to crawl back in bed with a good book. BUT reality is that I have to get my stuff together and hit the roads and freeways. I have eight stores on my list that I have to visit. Usually I can get my work done before the kids get out of school, but on a day like this it's probably not going to happen. Tomorrow I'll have to pick up where I leave off. I'm just so tempted to push my whole schedule over one day so I can stay home, but it'll be like this all week so what's the use?!?!

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