Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where I've Been

Here's a map of Where I've Been (traveled to, driven through, visited, etc).

As you can see, I'm not that well-traveled (and that's fine by me!).

create your own personalized map of the USA

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scrapbook Pages

I just saw a blog that had "latest pics" in it's right-hand sidebar.
Maybe I'll change mine to showcase Rubi's latest scrapbook pages.
Of course, that means more work for me... scanning, editing, uploading, changing the template or finding a script to rotate the pics.

Hmmm... something to think about.

Friday, February 06, 2009

100 Things from the LJ archives

Getting to know you, getting to know all about... oh nevermind.
100(ish) Things About Me.(in no particular order)

1. I believe Jesus is the Son of God, died to take the punishment for our sins, rose from the dead 3 days later and is now preparing a place for us to be with him someday, and lives with us as the Holy Spirit.
2. I'm married to a wonderful woman.
3. I have three beautiful, extremely well-behaved children.
4. I don't tell them that enough.
5. I'm actually in my 30's. I mean, I am really in my 30's. I can't believe that. I don't feel like it, but I am.
6. My parents have been married for 50 years. They've had a profound impact on my life.
7. I actually like my in-laws. They're much cooler than my parents.
8. I love to read science fiction.
9. My wife is a geek too. But she wasn't before she married me, if that tells you anything.
10. I like salads without dressing. I mean "I don't like dressing on my salads", not "I like to eat salads while naked". That's just weird.
11. I take notes poorly. I keep records poorly.
12. My comic books are organized though.
13. I'm a pack-rat. But being married is starting to cure me of that.
14. I like legos.
15. I like Transformers.
16. I don't read my Bible enough.
17. If I had a dog, it'd be one of those yappy little fuzzballs and I'd name it Fizzgig (the name of a dog-like creature from the Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal).
18. I like Star Wars better than Star Trek, but I like Stargate the best.
19. I abhor the thought of yard work and procrastinate it as long as I can. But when I'm doing it I almost enjoy it - I get sense of accomplishment.
20. I love to have time all to myself, completely alone and away from any distractions. Browsing at Barnes & Noble is a good example of this.
21. I want to write science fiction stories, but I'm not that good at it and I'm not dedicated enough to sit down and do it.
22. I don't think I'm as smart as other people think I am.
23. I live in the biggest small town you'll ever drive through. We have the 2nd largest street festival in the country, 2nd only to that New Orleans thing.
24. I am quick to anger. But it passes even quicker. Almost like ADD. "Why the #$%^& did you do that?!? Oh look, a puppy... I'm not mad."
25. TV Shows I like: Stargate and Atlantis, Family Guy (if it ever comes back), Smallville.
26. I have blue eyes. I'm glad my youngest daughter does too.
27. I'm waaay overweight. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are fine though (for now).
28. I'm really glad my kids got their looks from their mom's side of the family.
29. I don't go to church enough.
30. My favorite rock group is Queen.
31. No one I've been close to has died.
32. All my grandparents are deceased.
33. I love to doze off on the couch while watching TV.
34. I think I'm more funny/more witty than I probably am, and most people probably don't get my sense of humor.
35. Each of my kids middle name is a family name.
36. I have no real friends to speak of, besides my wife - she's my best friend. I'm bad about letting friends slip away, sometimes literally. Some of my closest friends live really far away.
37. I've never really been outside of the country. Rubi and I crossed from Detroit to Canada once, but it was just for a few minutes so we could say we did.
38. My first job was at Little Caesar's Pizza, fifteen years ago, and I have very fond memories of it. mmmmm, Crazy Bread....
39. I'm the youngest child of 5, I have 3 sisters and a brother. My oldest sister is the same age as Rubi's mom. My middle sister has nothing to do with our family anymore. My brother is just weird, and it's kind of sad. My youngest sister, who is nine years older than me (yes, I must have been an afterthought), is the coolest of the bunch. She's married, has 2 great kids and home schooled them.
40. I've never been drunk. Unless you count taking too much cold medicine then drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages and getting that loopy, spinning head feeling. I have maybe one or two drinks total per year. And those are Amaretto Sours.
41. I've never really liked sports - watching or playing - but I think ice hockey is kind of neat to watch (not that I ever really do).
42. I don't like the taste of alcoholic beverages.
43. I'm extremely proud of my wife and the way she's raised our kids and how selfless she is in so many things.
44. I was a radio DJ (that could be the misleading title of my Memoirs!) for seven years.
45. I don't really like to drive, but like riding in a car with someone else driving even less.
46. On the other hand, if I had a motorcycle...
47. ...And a helmet.
48. I have nice thick hair that needs a trimming by the time I get home from the barber. I want a flat top or buzz cut just so I don't have to deal with it, but I'd probably look funny(er).
49. I can clearly remember the day I gave my life to the Lord. I was five years old, in the steel and concrete skeleton of what would become the new sanctuary of our church.
50. I'm content in my life.
51. I did okay all throughout school, but I could've done better.
52. I like doing the laundry. Putting it away is another story.
53. I like to "toot my own horn" but I try not to be obvious about it (hence the blog).
54. TV Shows I wish they'd bring back: Fraggle Rock, the Muppets, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Farscape, Buffy, and Angel.
55. I hate bugs.
56. I don't play with my kids enough. But then, I can't remember my parents ever really "playing" with me, and I turned out okay.
57. I really like my job.
58. I've only seen the ocean once in my life. And that was earlier this year.
59. I like Monty Python.
60. I dream in color, and I can read in my dreams - most of the time I'm completely aware I'm dreaming.
61. I'm a "nice guy".
62. I should probably be working right now instead of writing this...
63. I never imagined I'd be a "dad", let alone enjoy it.
64. I don't really like other people's children.
65. I get weepy when reading or watching emotional scenes in books or TV - I never did before I had kids.
66. Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman.
67. I've never been West of St. Louis.
68. I've never been East of Cincinnati.
69. I almost joined the Navy after high school (but that weight thing was an issue).
70. I drove an Army Reserve Hummer once. I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I thought it was neat.
71. I refuse to pay more than $13 for jeans.
72. I think it's ridiculous that women's clothing is much more expensive than men's and doesn't last as long. But they always look better than we do. I will never understand that.
73. I own one suit, and it was bought for a funeral.
74. The only time I've worn a tuxedo was at my wedding.
75. I made my bride-to-be cry when I picked out my tuxedo. She had to redo it (something about stripes and checks I think).
76. I don't like carnival rides, rollercoasters and other vomitoriums, I'm even hesitant with ferris wheels. It's a control thing. I want to be the one driving.
77. Every now and again, I think about getting a more active career, maybe applying for a Sheriff's Deputy job or taking the Postal Exam again. Then I think, "Yeah right!" And remember how much I like my job (and how out of shape I am).
78. A few years ago, I took the test to be a mail man (United States Postal Employee). I made the list.
79. I drove a "sno-cone trolley" for a summer. And enjoyed it.
80. I miss taking classes and learning in a structured setting.
81. I miss taking Bible classes in elementary school. I've forgotten so much.
82. I miss taking Spanish classes. Again with the "I've forgotten so much".
83. Uno is my card game of choice. I once played a single hand of Uno with eight or more people and that single hand lasted a couple of hours, and I was the only one not cheating - and I won.
84. I would totally drive a yellow VW bug with a big red Autobot symbol painted on the front.
85. I don't believe in aliens or evolution, and I'm a skeptic about a lot of the freaky stuff you hear about. But I believe there is a great deal about this world that we don't know about and don't understand, and much yet to be discovered.
86. I believe Genesis is accurate and literal.
87. I like techno/electronica/trance/dance music. Please don't tell anyone.
88. I never was, nor am any good at video games. Never really had the patience to practice to get good.
89. I like chocolate milk.
90. Lottery is the answer to many of my problems. Now I just need to remember to buy a ticket.
91. Math and I don't get along that well.
92. I think the theory of relativity is just that: a theory. And will probably be proven incorrect eventually.
93. I think George W. Bush went to war with Iraq to finish what his father started, and only for that reason. I'll still vote for him.
94. Sweets are my weakness. Especially white cake with white frosting or cinnamon rolls. Candy I can do without.
95. I put Doritos on my sandwich. I learned this in high school when another student did a demonstration speech on how to make a Ham, Cheese, and Dorito Sandwich.
96. I wish I had the time to take walks in the woods. Sometimes with my family, sometimes alone.
97. I like to cook, but I'm not that good at it, and I abhor cleaning up afterwards.
98. I download mp3s. I do not share my collection. I do not play well with others. I run with scissors.
99. I'm thrilled Rubi has my stupid sense of humor. No one else would "get it".
100. I can't stand election ads and political campaigns and debates. I yell at my kids for some of the stuff politicians do in those things.
101. Me + straight line = "oops". I can't draw, trace, cut or walk a straight line to save my life, or to roof my house, or build a fence.
102. I like power tools. I don't like needing to use them. See previous entry on yard work.
103. I know nothing about cars. I can check and add fluids, that's about it.
104. Apparently, I can't count to 100 correctly. See # 91.