Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend went by too fast. Here's an update on what has happened.

The runaway teenager situation is very sad. Going into the situation, I knew that there were two sides to the story and I only heard one. She let me listen to messages on her cell phone that her mom, grandmother and stepfather left. Unbelievable is all I can say. Her stepfather said she was a Dumba** B**** and hopes that she never comes back because she is a worthless piece of sh**. Her grandmother said that nobody wants her, not even her real dad because she is too much trouble for them. Her mother said that if I ever find you, I'll beat the cr** out of you.
OMG....what horrible things to say to a teenager. I could see why she didn't want to go home.
After 24 hours we found out that her mother filed a police report and has been calling all of her other friends looking for her. I was encouraging her to at least call her mom and let her know that she is alive. She didn't even want to give her that satisfaction. I let her know that I was harboring a runaway and could be charged with a misdemeanor, really the least of my worries at that point. Her mother finally got a hold of another friend's mother and told her that she really doesn't care if she comes home or not. She just want to know that she is okay. I have spoken with this other mother and she said that she would take her for the week. From what I gathered, her mother is willing to sign over guardianship of her daughter. This whole situation just breaks my heart. Her mother just got remarried last weekend and at the wedding she was trying to force her daughter to call her new husband 'dad.' She just couldn't do it because it didn't feel right. She got smacked for that. She also told her that she'd choose her husband over her any day. Obviously this family need serious counseling, but her mother has too much pride. She thinks it's all her daughter's fault for not adjusting like she should. UGH!!!

On a happier note, I had a great time with my kids this weekend. We played basketball, watched a movie, I took my girls shopping and out to lunch while my husband took my son fishing and we even managed to clean house!!

Have a great day and for those of you who have today off.........ENJOY!!!

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