Thursday, February 16, 2006

I Love Mine....You Can Have One Too!!!

How many of you have 4 or 5 remotes to control your tv, vcr, surround sound, dvd player, etc? When company comes over do they always mess up your remote control settings? What about your kids? Or even parents? How would you like to control your entertainment system with one universal control?
Logitech Harmony remote can do exactly that. Press one button and your tv comes on. Press one button and you can watch a dvd or video. Press one button and you can listen to music.
This is the best remote yet. Easy to set up over the internet, even I can do it. Has help button if you run into problems. Read the reviews here.

My kids no longer mess up our settings. My parents can come over and just press one button to turn on what they want. It is so simple to set up and use.

Can you tell that I was a rep for this company.?!?! Well, I have remotes that I purchased as a rep that I am going to put up on ebay in a few weeks, but I am feeling gracious and would like to give one away FREE!!! It's a $150 value. You ask....what's the catch? Nothing really. Just promise me that you'll use it and love it like I do. Oh and one more thing.....I'm only giving away one so I'll have to decide how I will choose. Let me think.........

Okay, I'm back. My girls helped me out on this one and being the cheerleaders that they are they thought it would be cool to hold a cheer contest. In your best cheer voice, make up a cheer on your current remote control and why you should win this Harmony remote. We'll take entries until 12 midnight (pacific time) on Monday, February 20th. My daughters will help me judge.

My daughter made up a cheer to get the ball rolling........

(Rallying in and getting into position)

this is an audio post - click to play

(Rallying, toe touch, round off back handspring tuck)

BTW-It does not have to be an audio entry.

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