Monday, February 27, 2006

Baby Fix Needed!!

Yesterday at church, my husband and I snuck in the back row. (We were a little late because we went out to breakfast first). A few minutes later, this younger couple sits in front of us with a little baby girl no older than one month.

As I was trying to focus on what our pastor was saying, my eyes kept ending up on the baby girl. She was so adorable, so precious, so tiny. I looked at my husband and he said, don't even go there. At that moment, I wanted a baby really bad. He just shook his head. I wrote him a little not on the program that said...."But you said you wanted six when we got married." He just mouthed...Snap out of it. I almost tapped the lady on the shoulder and asked her if I could hold her baby. I was that desperate!!! Do you gals ever have those moments? I know my husband was just about ready to walk out because I was being so obnoxious. Okay, okay....Let me pay attention to the message. All I got out of it was 1 Thes. 2:1-12. I have no idea what the message was about. I didn't hear one word our pastor said. I feel like such a sinner!!!

After church, I told him that we needed to go to my sister's house. She just had a baby five months ago. So we went and I just loved on Baby Elijah all afternoon!! I felt better, I had my baby fix and have no desire to have another one. Thank God!!!!

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