Thursday, February 16, 2006

12 Things about Whale Watching

1. Yesterday I went on a field trip with my youngest daughter's class to go whale watching.
2. Every year all the 5th grade classes go on this field trip.
3. My daughter begged me to go and I reluctantly agreed to be one of the drivers.
4. It was the most horrible field trip of my life.
5. Half of the kids were throwing up over the railing and all over the deck. It wasn't very pretty.
6. My daughter was fine. She loved it when the boat was rocking and the waves crashing against it.
7. I was feeling a bit queezy myself, but managed to hold myself together.
8. It was a VERY LONG boat ride.
9. We never saw any whales. :(
10. I spoke with one of the fifth grade teachers in charge and she said it's never like this. No one ever gets sick and they always see whales. She said that the ocean was the roughest that she's ever seen and she been doing this for years.
11. I felt sorry for all the deck hands who had to clean up after the mess.
12. I will never volunteer for that field trip again!! When my son goes in 2 years, I'll have to pass. Maybe my husband will go if he can get the time off, after all he was in the Navy for 20 years.....he can handle it.

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