Monday, January 19, 2009

easons I Love My Wife

from my LJ archives
(Stole this idea)
Reasons I Love My Wife, in no particular order:
-As a mom, she Rocks! Excuse me, I mean she's an excellent mother to our children.
-She is always doing things for other people, almost to a fault.
-She's not vain at all, quite the opposite. But she's so beautiful.
-She encourages my geekiness.
-She is the smartest person I know.
-She encourages me to be a better person, do my best, get the job done, do what needs doing, etc.
-She also sometimes shares my bad habits with me, which is nice.
-She shares my incredibly odd sense of humor.
-Family means alot to her. Our family, her family, the extended family.
-Her hugs feel so... right. Like I'm meant to be there, in her arms.

to be continued...

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