Friday, January 27, 2006

Endless Cliffhanger #2- Cheerleaders In Vegas

Come on gang, play along. Let's see how creative we can get. I got this idea from a Discovery Toys game that I used to play with my kids. Here's the idea and how it works:

* I will start off the story
* The first person who comments adds on, the second person who comments adds on to the first, the third person who comments adds on to the second
* And so on, and so on
* You can add to the story as many times as you wish
* The story will go on throughout the weekend
* Oh, and spread the word so we can get a great story going!

You guys catching on? Okay, then let's get this story rolling..........

After the cheerleaders' last practice before defending their National Championship title in Vegas, they headed for their rooms. The coaching staff instructed everyone to go straight to bed so that they would be well rested for the day ahead. As the coaches turned the corner, the cheerleaders took one quick detour to..........

( I will be gone from Saturday night to Tuesday morning for the Nationals in Vegas.....wish us luck)

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